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How do you book Mana Pools Zimparks Campsites & Kariba Ferry? We are registered booking agents for Zimparks facilities nationwide as well as the Kariba Ferry. We are based in Harare and can help you plan and book your itinerary in person at Zimparks Harare offices.

Campsite Bookings:

We will help you formulate a workable itinerary, check availability on your behalf and make provisional bookings for you. Once you are happy with your itinerary Zimparks bookings are finalized upon payment of their invoice. We charge a 10% facilitation fee for this service upon finalization of your booking.

Kariba Ferries Bookings:

We are also registered Kariba Ferries Bookings agents and our own rental vehicles, combined with our itinerary planning service helps us co-ordinate scheduled Kariba Ferry sailings for 2021 (in season). Contact us, we can advise and co-ordinate your trip with the movement of our own vehicles to guarantee your voyage.

Or simply Contact us, we can help you book Mana Pools Zimparks Campsites & Kariba Ferry .



One Comment

  • Helge Friedrich says:

    Hi, we want to visit Mana pools around 24 to 27 June.
    We want to book a public campsite. Is it necessary to book now or can we book somewhere in Zimbabwe?
    Kind regards,