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“Authenticity” seems to be the buzzword of our times. The era of mass production is being overlaid by a demand for uniqueness. Busy people in successful places want authentic food, authentic beer and increasingly, authentic holiday experiences.

The problem is, authenticity is generally not cheap. Demand for authenticity as an attribute itself, either raises price of that product, or forces that product towards mass-production, thereby diminishing it’s own authenticity. Successful Kraft breweries are tempted to grow larger and larger until they eventually become precisely like the brands they originally opposed!

When it comes to Safaris, the sheer volume of people on this planet means there are very few locations left which are sufficiently under-explored that you can experience “authentic” Africa without paying an arm and a leg.

Zim is one of the last places on the continent where you can experience raw Africa without the crowds that make some African game reserves like zoos or the prices that make other reserves the preserve of the super-rich. Mana Pools, Chitake, Chizarira, Kariba, Hwange, are all world-class destinations which would either be over-run or un-affordable were it not for the fact they are in (dangerous-sounding) Zimbabwe!

We believe people totally over-estimate the risks of visiting Zimbabwe. The fact is you are statistically many times safer from violence in Zimbabwe than in South Africa, Botswana or Namibia. To our mind, this misconception of risk provides the “right kind of people” with a chance to experience authentic Zimbabwe before the crowds work it out and over-run the place (God forbid!!!).

Sure, there are challenges Re: Fuel and Currency etc, but these are not insurmountable and we make it our business to take care of these issues, which have plagued Zim for decades, so you can focus on enjoying yourself.

We are morally opposed to packing you off in a minibus on a “packaged” holiday from game lodge to game lodge with a guide standing between you and the kind, warm-hearted people that are half of what makes Zim unique. You are better than that! You deserve the authentic experience of interacting with the man-on-the street, of experiencing Zim like a local. We are here to help you do just that.

To make things affordable, we put you in one of our own fully kitted 4×4’s and book you into affordable ZimParks campsites deep inside Zim’s remote National Parks. Qualified, armed and personable ZimParks Rangers guide you for Walks (mana), Canoeing (Mana), Lion (Chizarira) and Rhino (Kyle) Tracking in the bush. You get the exclusive Zim bush experience at a fraction of the price of private lodges (You just have to cook for yourself, and you’re up for that aren’t you?)

Zim requires a bit of planning ahead but, hey, that’s what we are here for, it keeps the riff-raff out…..Contact Us for more information, we can make it happen for you.