We love Sadza, we love all things Zim and we are committed to “keeping Zim Mushe”. We live this in all aspect of our operations from requiring our guests to abide by the ¬†Manapools Code of Conduct, to our interactions with our fellow Zimbabweans, to greywater recycling and wildlife-friendly gardens¬† at Sunbird Guest House. If you share these opinions and believe in the power of bumper stickers to change the world, just ask us for your complimentary “I Love Sadza” sticker and remember to do everything in your power to “Keep Zim Mushe”.

Ant Bown

About Ant Bown

Ant loves Zim, Ant loves Zimbos. Ant moved away from Zim. Ant moved back to Zim, Ant never wants to leave Zim again. Ant wants you to come and visit him in Zim so he can show you why you too will love Zim.